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Daniel De Lucca

This post is the beginning of a series of posts about online security where I'm going to guide you, step-by-step, towards how to improve your online security. The idea of this series is, going from zero and without any security knowledge, to help you adding a new security layer per post 😊

I've decided to build this series in this way, because security nowadays is a very individual topic. You should avoid trying to reproduce exactly how someone protects him/herself. Instead you should try to understand where you're vulnerable and be able to adopt the security measures that make sense for you 🤗

For example, if your work is manaing the cloud infrastructure of a large company, chances are that you should worry about security way more than someone that doesn't have a role without those privileges.

Also, it is important to comment that, a while ago, I've created a small thread on Twitter showing a little bit about how I currently protect myself. I was really impressed by the amount of people that asked for help, so that is also one of the reason that led me towards creating this series. The security measures on this series are going to be harder upon each new post, so I suggest you to keep reading until you feel comfortable.

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Why online security matters

I've started to use the internet on the late 90's. I remember clearly that I used it for three things: